What is Gloss Spot UV and how do I prepare my files for Gloss Spot UV? Gloss Spot UV is the application of High Gloss UV Coating to certain areas of the design. It helps make these areas of your design pop out for a truly impressive outcome. To prepare your files for Gloss Spot UV, Please keep in mind that not all products have Gloss Spot UV available.
What is the maximum file size acceptable for uploads?
The maximum file size acceptable for uploads is 75MB (megabytes) per file. Before uploading your file, make sure to check the image size. In Photoshop, click on Image > Image Size, and proportion your image correctly. However, if your files exceed this size, we also offer brokers the ability to transfer files via FTP (File Transfer Protocol). For more information about FTP. Recommended: To reduce file size, please upload in .jpg format. For all other file formats, ensure all layers are flattened.

UV Inks

Definition: UV-curable inks are "cured" once they are exposed to wavelengths of UV light. the ink consists of a photo initiator, and when exposed to the UV light, it undergoes a chemical process that transforms the ink into a solid film that tightly adheres directly onto the substrate's surface
UV Coating: UV coating is used to protect your cards. UV is a high-gloss lamination. UV coating improves the durability of the cards for a long periods of the time. It also make your card looks better. Ask us Free Samples mail to you and compare UV coating with Aqueous coating and Varnish. We're so confident that you will agree on the quality. Can not write or print on UV coating.