You would need 0.75" on top. Anything within this area will be covered. Use our template to make sure everything prints the way you want.
The 2 part forms will come as books of 50 quantity. The 3 part forms will come as books of 35 quantity.
A wrap around cover is a protective cover that is attached to the top back of the NCR form which then wraps around it, coming back up and all the way to the top in the front.
In order to preserve leading zeroes on your Variable Number CSV file (e.g. 001, 0001) please Format the Cells as Text before creating your numbered list. To include leading zeros: Right-click (or control click) on the first few cells, then Choose Format Cells > Text or Plain Text. Once your cells are formatted, proceed with creating your numbered list. You should be able to see your numbering correctly before saving your document. Note: If you close and reopen your document or look at a preview of the document, it will appear that the CSV has reverted and your leading zeroes were deleted. However, be assured that is not the case. As long as you were able to see the leading zeros at the time you saved the document, your CSV has the leading zeros. It is safe to upload your CSV and your leading zeroes will be preserved.
We will print the full run size ordered. If your CSV Data File contains more records than the run size ordered, We will not print those additional records.
We will print the artwork based on your data file. For example if your run size is 500 and your data file has 450 records, we will only print 450 NCR Forms with Variable Numbering.
No, We does not proofread, flag or correct errors. It is your responsibility to double check and ensure the accuracy of your data.
Choose from the 4 numbered areas shown in the example below. You may choose as few or as many areas as you like. Indicate which areas you would like to utilize by naming the Column Headers on your CSV Data File with the corresponding Area Name.
 Note: The CSV data file may contain up to 5 digits or characters for each record. See example below
Artwork file formats: We recommend pdf. You may also send the following types: jpg, jpeg, tif, tiff, eps, and png. Data file format: We accept csv (comma delimited) format only. Note: The CSV data file may contain up to 5 digits or characters for each record.
  • Full bleed is not available on NCR Forms
  • At least 0.25" of space on the glued edge (short edge) should be free of ink
  • Full color and solid colored backgrounds are not recommended, as it may effect your ability to read the text and write on the form
  • Light ink coverage is highly recommended